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Dr. Moehle guides clients who want to enhance their performance and take their life to the next level in business, sports, or life in general.

For some clients this may mean providing them with scientific knowledge in the field of nutrition. For others it may involve showing them ways to gain access to their inner potential to reach their desired goals. It is the client’s choice which path to take.

High Performance Coaching

  • Excelling at special events (e.g. races, tournaments, exams, interviews, giving presentations, etc.)

  • Thriving in high-pressure environments

  • Unlocking your inner potential

  • Increasing your self confidence 

  • Increasing the ability to focus and concentrate

  • Dealing with situations that cause unwanted feelings or tension

  • Resolving conflicts on the inside and/or outside

  • Stressmanagement - mitigating feeling rushed, exhausted, relentless, scattered, empty; challenged to find your inner peace and relax 

  • Obtaining the feeling of being whole as a person 

  • Discovering what you really want out of life and getting more out it - becoming aware that this life is not a rehearsal - it is happening NOW

  • Discovering the path to following your life's dreams

  • Being able to perform at a high level in the long run in a healthy sustainable fulfilling and happy way


Nutrition Coaching

  • Performance enhancing nutrition

  • Sports nutrition

  • Functional nutrition

  • Changing eating habits

  • Changing body composition

  • Body weight loss or gain

  • Adopting a new diet (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, etc)

  • Lifestyle modifications

  • Healthy living

Change can be fast and easy - if you know how. 

Daniela Moehle offers her coaching online or in person in the form of

- one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals

- workshops for groups

- coaching programs for organizations that are tailored to the organization's and their employees' needs.

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